Hospital Information Management System


Bilmed addresses the needs of all healthcare institutions in the ındustry with its complete suite of hospital information management solutions built on state-of-the-art technology at affordable costs.

Prominent hospitals in Turkey, both public and private, are achieving higher standards and a much more prestigious status in the industry simply by implementing the BilMedical® of Bilmed

Factors underlying the success of Bilmed in securing customer satisfaction are ‘the power of its software’ on one hand, and its customer-focused’ and continuous service and support’ approach on the other.

Because Bilmed offers customised solutions for each and every entity…

To ensure the most functional and efficient operating environments, Bilmed installs its

BilMedical® ‘Hospital İnformation Management System’ by developing special projects based on specific physical conditions and service characteristics of healthcare institutions

Yet Bilmed does not stop there, it also seeks the ‘continual satisfaction’ of its customers by meeting the local legislations and other requirements of these institutions in the shortest possible time as well.

‘Continuity’ is always at the core of Bilmed’s business approach.




Believe in Continuity…