R & D



Development of e-Health Platform and Applications

For Patient-centered Healthcare Services


Supported by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey

1511 – Research Technology Development and Innovation Projects in Priority Areas G. P.


One of the major aim of the e-HMSPU Project is development of a high-performance, e-health platform designed to store, manage, query, retrieve and exchange structured electronic health record data based on the latest healthcare information standards.  The platform enables healthcare data computing, semantic interoperability, vendor-neutral, life-long and future-proof storage of electronic healthcare data. On the platform, three application prototypes will be developed for patients and families, home care services providers and population health management authorities:

  1. Personal Health Record System
  2. Home Care Information Management System
  3. Diabetes Registry System

To support continuity of care and improve patient safety, continua certified remote monitoring systems will be integrated to these applications. The applications will also be including clinical decision support tools for implementing evidence-based clinical guidelines and safe medication management requirements.

The project started in June 2014 and will be completed at May 2016.




JADE European Union Project

Bilmed has been a partner of JADE project as a member of Turkish Regional Research Driven Clusters (RDC) The JADE consortium combines geographical and disciplinary diversity with the integration among research bodies, local authorities and companies and it includes 5 regional RDC from Italy, France, United Kingdom, Finland and Turkey. Sabancı University leading the Project, TUBITAK, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Provincial Health Directorate, Bilmed and 5 other institutions from different sectors are members of Turkish RDC. The JADE project objective is summarized in its newsletter dated April 2012 as : “The JADE project (Joining innovative Approaches for the integration and Development of transnational knowledge cluster policies related to independent living of Elderly) is driven by the need to manage more effectively the increasing burden of elderly people in the EU who have chronic diseases. In particular the JADE project focuses on the use of different kinds of eHealth applications to support a healthy ageing population, with a special attention for chronic disease management and prevention. The aim is to promote well-being in the elderly and save resources at a time when health and social care budgets are stretched.” The total budget of 2.6 million Euro project was started in 2011 and lasted for 3 years.

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